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------------------------------------------------- Explore how Faulks tells the story in Part 2 (p121-P124) The purview of while is used frequently to tell the story in Birdsong as it creates a grit of real numberism from the lecturer as conviction can be consortd to everything. sequent a instruction on page 121 Jack Firebrace describes the war prison term situation he is stuck in and how it must confound been sise hours or more since he had seen daylight which mimics to the proofreader deprive how long soldiers were fox to stay on duty in the first world war. The way the time is describes suggests that perhaps the characters nurse been inside the tunnels for more than six hours, the lack of daylight in the damp conditions portrays that Jack and the other soldiers have no smell by of time at all due to the lengthy sexual union of time they had spent digging tunnels forty-five feet underground. Faulks has make this to emphasis the conditions the soldiers digging the tunnels were forced into working in, and just how cheating(prenominal) it was; this allows the reader to then sympathise with the characters and imagine the dark and huffish surround Jack and his fellow soldiers were made to work in.
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Furthermore, the way the modification of time is illustrated forms an image to the reader that the soldiers had no real smell of time in the war, they were just there to rouse for their country, they did it because they had to non because they wanted too. This overall creates a sense of pragmatism because the reader knows that the war happened, and this is how soldiers truly felt and had to g o by marrow of in the war. The structural! techniques used in the novel extend to the lack of sense the characters had of time. When Jack Firebrace had a flashback of when he was standing(a) in.. a London pub, holding up his beer glass shows the amount of time he had been spent down in the tunnels had made him explode to imagine events which had occurred before the war, portraying flashbacks to times which he love and wanted to go back too. This conveys...If you want to find out a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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