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1.1 The characteristics of freely chosen, self-directed play. * Freely Chosen- children can choose what they sine qua non to do. * Personally directed- children chooses how they want to do it. * Intrinsically motivated- children choose hence they do it. * Goalless- they do it for no externally goal or reward. 1.2 The importance of poster to analyze children and young citizenrys play. Observing children forms a fundamental part of the Early age Foundation Stage, staffs are required to observe children and make notes. This helps to eternalize each childs progress through EYFS and also helps you to plan early and work out what areas of erudition to focus on for the put term.  Key to observing children is simply that watching what they do without tour any external direction, or offering only nominative interaction. (Moonie, 2004) 1.3 Why it is importance to collect information other than by observation in order to analy ze children and young messs play preferences. There are many slipway to gather information about childrens scholarship and these jell out developed to incorporate methods that add depth and visual modality to the observation and recording aspects of assessment. The Reggio Approach uses the term making learning glaring. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Once we can see a vulnerability of learning that is both visual and written we have a hindquarters for a dialogue about that learning. Considerable tension is fixed on collecting samples of childrens work their drawings, mark-making and theme and, to be sure, these tell us a lot, especial ly when viewed oer metre . The observation ! of the event, either on camera or in writing, illuminates that event, so any piece selected for an assessment cusp is opera hat served by accompanying it with the observation of the process. oftentimes is made of the gather up to chart individual achievement, but, for everything that we hunch about the social character of learning, we still make littler effort to really show individual learning in the social...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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