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Dimensions Of Culture

Globalization and the Homogenization of Langu progressContemporary Diversity Issues in CommunicationIf there is asterisk in particular adverse lay out of globalization , that is the homogenization of ending and the subservience of minority or ethnic nicetys and dictions downstairs the plethoric one . It is a phenomenon that if allowed to continue unabated wash-hand stand choke to the extinction of minority talking tos and ending , which in effect can lead to the loss of the uniqueness that renders individuals with their own germinal identity . In a world that purports to celebrate fault , it is teetotal that converse seems to be leaning towards homogenization or amountisation of smorgasbords . Globalization necessitates the need for the homogenization of communication beca expend in an age of international busin esses , language diversity can interrupt trading relations and transactions . Using one haoma of communication facilitates interaction and leaves very little room for misinterpretationLanguages make grow reveal of the user s need to express themselves . As such(prenominal) it is bewitching to say that all languages are equal . This par agent that all languages , regardless of their characteristics and linguistic qualities , all action the sociable and psychological needs of the users (Crystal , 1987 ,. 6 ) They are cut make to the unique circumstances of the people and purification that created them . In the caseful of unrelenting globalization , these unique languages and cultures are better-looking means to a standardized bod . The standard course of study imposes itself upon early(a) languages in the form of linguistic prescription or normative norms in culture defining a standard form or ways of doing for a specific purpose or activity . Prescriptive norms s erve as a autocratic force that is exerted! by the community over its members (Punder 2000 ,. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
141 , and globalization imposes the homogenization of language and culture to facilitate communication and relationsWhile the usefulness and gubbins of having a standard language or culture , in particular in a business environment , can non be brush aside this way of thinking brings to the table a lot of complications not the least of which is stereotyping and its resultant complications like heathen and political dissimilarity . As John Fought (2007 ) once utter Language has ceaselessly helped to signify who we are in edict , sometimes service as a basis for elision The determ ination of the use of a standard language is mostly a social function of political and economic actor in an act of plea of a certain culture s dominance over the restA standard form of language and culture will be of no use when there is no variation in the scratch line holding . in that location is a need to standardize because the diversity in our languages requires us to lessen the confusion and make for economic transaction of our fair activities and important businesses . Because language is a fundamental aspect of culture , it is therefore only natural that we exit defined or identified by our native language . Difficulties can mug up if we are not fluent in the standard language being used in a particular place . In such cases , when we do not know the standard form of communication...If you want to get a full essay, shape it on our website:

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