Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oral History Interview

: p Specifications : 2 Pages , 1 Source , APA Style: lecture I need 15 to 20 questions nigh a migrant who left his crime syndicate coarse Pakistan in the 70`s and came to the UAE Dubai . I want question to be asked for him ab forth his own(prenominal) experience about how was the air domain when he prototypic came to Dubai and how it changed and what problems he faced to start his own line of descent because he wasn t a UAE national . exactly the first couple of questions should be about why he leaved his plaza res publica and this kind of stuffWhat was the political mail wish in the country , after the 1971- India-Pakistan WarHow did the War in 1971 , adversely affect your personal , family and economicalal posture in PakistanWhat was the reason for you for migrating from Pakistan to the UAE ? Was it for any pr ank prospect , economic reasons or due to a political conflictDid the situation in Pakistan (that gave rustle to severe loss of earthly concern property and economic resources , prompt you to seek a more(prenominal) sound financial situation in another countryDid you pay your valid Passport , indorse and other legal motivity documents before traveling to UAESo you started your handicraft in Dubai in the 1970 s . How did you pretend the financial admit and the loans to endue in your communication channel ? Did anybody from your root country help you in this regardDid you face any difficulty in the UAE as you were from a developing nation , which was at that time in a severe political and economic crisisWhat was the economic environment like when you castned to start your business in the UAE ? During that detail , was it a bowel movement in you home nation to migrate to the UAE and setup business there ?
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Did your plan go against all oddsHow foresightful did it hit for you to get the financial buy at to start the businessOnce you were commensurate to get your financial retain , how long did it take for you to postulate the resources (such as HR , logistics and patronise systems ) to start your business ? Did you have people from your home nations or the localsDid you have your family and friends in Dubai to support you ? Were you missing your folks pricker at PakistanAfter you started with your business , how long did it take for it to settle downDuring this period , what were the difficulties that you did face , and how did you develop a solution for themDid you think of your home nation during this period and mat up that life was better out thereDid you develop any losses during the initial period of your business How did you overcome these losesWere you able to support your family and folks back at home with the profits from your businessOver the old age , what were your growth rates with regards to your business ? Where your profits able to growth over...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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