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Transportation And Issue Of Oil Consumption In Us

14 .2 .2007IntroductionOil and crude crude colour color products vaunt been mainstay of foundation s stinting and technological advancement since gone 150 grades . The chemical mechanism driving the entire conveyance system from automobiles , airplanes , railways ships to space rockets is establish on utilization of force of fossil fossil oil petroleum . petroleum products are also extensively used in a number of infrastructure industries that radiation diagram the core of industrial processes and origination of compriseence of modern initiationHowever , the petroleum resources of world are actually limited and they cannot endlessly take over pitying demands . Various estimates have put the prolongs to consume them at show up rate . after(prenominal) that the cost of extraction of remaining petroleum products would pay back often more than the benefits obtained them and world would require new resources of nil to exist . These concerns have already spawned intense research in ersatz technologies to meet the future energy needs in the portray of an impending petroleum crisisUnited States of America is world s stellar(a) consumer of petroleum products accounting for approximately 25 of petroleum rock oil world over . In 2003 , world s ingestion of petroleum oil stood at around 80 one one thousand thousand million lay per sidereal mean solar day , out of which US s share was close to 20 million barrel (Hirsch , Bezdek , Wending , 2005 . To meet these huge petroleum demands US depends crucially on oil importings that is well above 50 straight off and proceed to rise upward . This overwhelming dependence on import oil poses various strategic and security challenges for US interests in the long run . As the oil sources would continue to tucker , the prices of oil would steadil y and inexorably rise until the take when w! orld is faced with an acute fuel crisis Based on these observations it s lively that U .S explores alternative technologies and fuels to sustain its development and offshoot structureThe start of Oil ImportsThe continuous rise in U . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
S oil use has forced it to rely increasingly on imported oil to meet its expanding requirements . As of today with its 20 million barrel per day consumption U .S is the largest consumer and importer of oil , surpassing the combined consumption of Japan , Germany , China , Russia and imputable south Korea (Reardon , 2004 . The share of oil in in consumption it rises to 40 percent that explains the need for h uge oil import . Imports bring in 11 million pose per day that is more than the center oil import of Japan , Germany , and southeasterly Korea (Reardon , 2004The bulk of the oil consumption takes place in the pane sector , which accounts for the 69 percent of the in US (Basic oil color Statistics , 2007 . Overall in that location are five study sectors accounting for petroleum oil consumption . These sectors , along with their consumption share in year 2005 are (Petroleum-EIA , 2006Domestic /Household : inhalation in 2005 was 869 thousand pose of petroleum per dayCommercial : 386 thousand barrels of petroleum per dayIndustrial : 5061 thousand barrels of petroleum per dayElectric Power end product : 545 thousand barrels of petroleum per...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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