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The Problem-solving Models

1 . Write a letter that impart go to partnership groups requesting their attendance at a coming upon to object this concernTo the good people of this unionWarm greetings ! I am (state name , the federation liason officer of our police department . I am bothway a concerned citizen of our company . I am material composition this letter regarding one of the insistence issues our confederation is presently facing . Based on police reports and initial observations we befool embed aside that there be cases showing an addition in inner circle activity in the westmost side of our cityAlong with this increase family activity , gang-related crimes in any case begun to rise . much(prenominal) crimes involve reports of gang members scare or constipationing other people passing by murkily lit streets . Some initial investigations excessively point out to other anti-social gang-related activities such as the gang members involvement in illegal drugs and the use of violence to pundit their new members . Such gang members were observed to be oftentimes dringking alcohol . thence , besides the immediate physical harm that these gang members could father from initiation and gang rumbles , there is also a hazard that such individuals will have long-run psychological working classs such as alcoholism and drug colony . The gang members , their families and friends , the victims (and will be victims ) of the gangs harrassment in short everyone of us will or already is suffering from this business so , the matters of increased gang activity and gang-related crimes are important and pressing problems that we should faceElliminating gang-related crimes and anti-social behaviors is a task of the whole community and not but our police department or any other role . This is a problem of our community , and this should be faced and w! ork by our community . Only the understading and participation of our whole community can stray a stop to this problem . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
It is the certificate of indebtedness to nutriment our community safe for our family , friends and everyoneWe are therefore inviting you this climax (state the age and time of the merging , at the (state the venue of the coming together ) so that we could talk about this matter as a community and collectively devise ways to resolve this problem . give thanks you very much and see you at the meeting ( to this are the expanded rationale and basic agenda of the meetingSincerely yoursSignature oer Printed NameCommunity Liason policeman , Police Department2 . Explain the rationale for the meeting , the ineluctably and concerns of the community , benefits to the community for their participation , and a basic agenda for the meetingBasically , the meeting will have four agendas following the SARA (Scanning , synopsis , response and Assessment ) model of problem-solving which has been show to effectively attention in managing crime-related problems (Patrick 2002 Pease and Townsley , 2001 ) such as gang-related crimes (Crime Reduction , 2003 . The SARA model is base on the framework that the community should be given more(prenominal) power by allowing them to participate , from identifying community problems to analyzing them and subsequently functional to together to solve...If you sine qua non to get a full essay, beau monde it on our website:

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