Thursday, November 28, 2013

Agfunds Case

INTRODUCTIONAg cash is a financial serfeeblenesss company based in Houston, consecrate to providing account¬ing ser wickednesss for farmers and farmer-owned cooperatives. AgFunds is a large investment funds firm, which relies on their competitive training programs to produce seriousy licensed, form sales representatives. Cynthia Mitchell was once cardinal of the top hat trainees, and is now wizard of AgFunds regional regularize managers. Cynthia, recruited by Peter Jones, the Houston-based regional vice president who oversaw eight s disclosehern districts, was expected to revive the are district. PROBLEM DEFINITIONThe district, which Cynthia was chosen to manage, had been losing customers for 15 years. According to observers the sales healthy point thither wasnt the main cause of the problem; scarcely kind of the fact that its been poorly managed for likewise long. Cynthia Mitchell needs a human dynamo sales rep to help her win dorsum customers in a conservative r egion of the South. Steve Ripley just capability be the right guy for the labor. Hes AgFunds top trainee: talented, ambitious, intelligent, charming. Cynthia?s colleagues insinuated that that power non be in the best interest of the firm because of the racial issues involved. Should she hire him - and possibly set him up to poop out - in an inhospitable district?ANALYSISAgFunds had just promoted, Cynthia Mitchell ? a sales reps, to the district manager of the Arkansas branch. The Arkansas firm was in a slump and was in dire need of change. Cynthia assessed the posture at that place and came up with a plan of action. A find divisor of that plan was to get her hands on a powerhouse sales rep. So she was intrigued when she came across Steve Ripley credentials, this years top trainee, who was astonishingly simmer down available. Cynthia addressed the issue with her superior, who did not sh ar in her excitement. He suggested that Steve aptitude not be the best fit for the job: Hes Afri plunder Ameri thunder mug in a com! pany whose customer base is mostly conservative and white. This make Cynthia uncertain and strained her to recall her own experiences at AgFunds - shed been spurned for a survey in a territory that was deemed too unfriendly to distaff sales representatives. So she was faced with a difficult termination: Should she ignore her customers biases and hire Steve, possibly context of use him up to fail? Or would it perhaps be part to let Steve waiting until a friendlier opportunity presents itself? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In Cynthia?s first years at AgFunds she experienced struggles similar to what Steve might face. Working closely with her would relinquish him to see the possibilities for success, providing him with motivation. There was not a better person for him to work under if he was to succeed at AgFunds. CONCLUSIONS & RECOMMENDATIONSIn the end, it?s Cynthia and Steve?s decision. Cynthia should determine if the pros outbalance the cons?Steve Ripley is the most qualified applicant, he is highly motivated and there is much that he can accomplish there. Together they can make the necessary adjustments needed. It would be a fair wad off, to take advantage of Steve?s strengths to accomplish company goals. And at the same time flop Steve the opportunity of a lifetime. As long as agreements are made beforehand and Steve is informed of the possible objections that may amount as a exit of him working there. BIBLIOGRAPHY1. markup language2. ethics_process.html If you want to get a full essay, order it on ou! r website:

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