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22d4 Designing Activities For Specific Audiences

Insert TitleMethods and approaches that entrench learning in activity and increase to conscious use of social and physical conditions help to fudge learning and intelligence in students (Br avouch , Collins Duguid , 1989 determine learning asserts that learning is a social activity that depends on the grade setting in which it is applied and happens in a corporation or group through with(predicate) active participation . In each field of study , educators should endeavor to teach learners in an environs where they can acquire intimacy and skills in scopes that dilate how they atomic number 18 useful in public lifeIn any mathematics partition , the concept of add up is a fundamental one that has to be properly unsounded by the students in to be fitted to apply it to more(prenominal) complex s in the computer programme The categories of place pool are natural amount racket , whole numbers , integers rational number or fractional numbers , and stupid numbers . Each type of number contains the previous type at bottom it . Whole numbers are natural numbers including zipper in . Integers are whole numbers which may any be positive or negative . Fractions are the results of dividing integers The rational and irrational numbers however , have no intersection but both fall under the category of solid numbers (StapelThe concept map is best used to illustrate these relationships and involves draftsmanship and labelling links surrounded by nodes (number types ) using lines . The chance on principle in concept mapping is that concepts are link to other concepts and are not individual entities on their own (Mwakapenda , 2003 . is a professiona!   l essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
School curricula should be organized in a dash that reveals potential connections surrounded by concepts so that teachers can orchestrate learning to show relationships between concepts (Mwakapenda , 2003With this approach , students are able to understand the various types of numbers at a stare , see how the knowledge can be applied to result word problems , and learn the context of applying this knowledge to everyday lifeAccording to brownish et al , situations produce knowledge through activity . scholarship and cognition are fundamentally situated and concepts should be taught through veritable situations . When coherent significant , and purposeful activities are gnarly in teaching students it provides an authentic learning experience (1989ReferencesBrown , J .S , Collins , A Duguid ,(1989 . Situated Cognition and the C ulture of schooling . Retrieved April 16 , 2008 from HYPERLINK http / web .educ .msu .edu web .educ .msu .eduMwakapenda , W (2003 .Concept mapping and context in mathematics education . Retrieved April 17 , 2008 from HYPERLINK http / vane .math .unipa .it http / web .math .unipa .itStapel , E . Number Types . Retrieved April17 , 2008 from HYPERLINK http /www .purplemath .com /modules /numtypes .htm http /www .purplemath .com /modules /numtypes .htmPAGEPAGE 3Insert Running Head...If you requisite to get a full essay, ramble it on our website:

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