Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Down Syndrome

Down SyndromeIn humans, there are 23 pairs of chromo some(prenominal)s, which are only numbered. sometimes there is an extra chromosome 21, or at to the lowest degree take a expose of it. Although this may not come along like a bigh auricleted deal, this causes a joint genetic r pinnule called Down syndrome. passel with Down syndrome have many genetic deformities that go in abnormal phenotypes. Down syndrome is the major cause of amiable retardation. However, the passion of the effects varies among patients. Be offices mental retardation, many other(a) side effects occur. at that place is a 30-50% rule of heart problems, a 10-12% kick downstairs of intestinal malformation, an developmentd risk for infections, and a 5-7% chance of gastroinintestinal tract disorders (digestive problems). The main occurrence of this is an obstruction of the upper segment of the intestine, which can interrupt the digestive process and cause the pose to regurgitate food involuntarily. There is an increased chance of ear infections, pneumonia, kidney disorders, thyroid disease, physical deformities, and idle muscles. As a baby, run-down muscles are a major problem. They cause issues with crawling, walking, and eruptment of get off skills. There is a major risk of Leukemia and a 50% chance of visual and/or hearing impairment. The disorder in addition causes a slow development rate. Many cases develop Alzheimer?s disease. Aging also causes these problems to increase in intensity. Because of these problems, the add up action expectancy for this disorder is 35 years old. There has been no proof of this disorder to be hereditary. It is the most common non-hereditary disorder; chances are close to 1 in all(prenominal) 700 cognize births. The chance increases with the age of the mother. Women of 35 and older increase their chances to about 1 in 200. Women of 45 increase their chances to 1 in 30. Down syndrome is becoming more common, however, because wome n... ! Down bear upon individuals have some degree of mental retardation, characteristic nervus facialis features and, often, heart defects and other health problems. The severity of these problems varies greatly among affected individuals. Awesome.... If you want to place a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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