Friday, January 24, 2014

The Ring Leader

In twain readings of The Poncho Bearer and Ring Leader, both authors give the lector a perspective on how the grand characters in their story stand out and have a sense of uniqueness. Natalie Kusz, author of Ring Leader narrates her life as a college professor and how Kusz uses the provoke and effect method to sharpen the reader what led her to look at her nozzle pierced. Kusz give tongue to: The concomitant is, I grew up ugly- no, worse then that, I grew up unusual, that unforgivable sin among youth (p 217). Kusz gave the reader the cause of wherefore she wanted to be unique and different, thus swelled the audition the effect at the end of the story of how she got her nose pierced. In The Poncho Bearer, the author, John Schwartz, uses narration to relate interprets that his male child went by means of game school by be a unique individual. Schwartz reflects this story on how his own experience was through the old age of high school. The author informs the r eader about why the main(prenominal)(prenominal) character, Sam in the story acted and how his actions and his due date define ourselves as unique human beings. Told by Schwartz; As we all know, high school for most teenagers is a beat of intense shove to conform (p 212). Both Kusz and Schwartz gave the reader a sense of how these main characters conform to our society and when is it right to go between the norm and unique. 1 When is it smash to conform and when is it better to diverge from the norm? As both Kusz and Schwartz related in their stories, their main characters conform to their behavior of living and how they wanted to be viewed as. Sam, the main character in The Poncho Bearer, wore a poncho each Friday that he went to high school. Likewise, Kusz had a nose piercing as a college teacher to appearing her uniqueness. To the assumption of both authors, they, the main characters in both stories had the horizon of being a commonplace patty or a per son who is nubile, popular and unimaginativ! e towards different groups of students, friends...If you want to get a full essay, put together it on our website:

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