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2) My choice is the TAT or Thematic Apperception Test. The TAT is a type of projective adjudicate that requires clients to interpret vague stimuli. People who translate the TAT are sh take in 30 black and white pictures of individuals in vague situations and then they are asked to bring on up a story about each batting order. They have to have a story as to what led to the event portrayed in the card, what is happening at the moment, what the quality is feeling or thinking, and what the import of the story was. Clinicians who use the TAT believe that race eternally identify with one of the calibres on each card and the stories that the individuals make is thought to reflect the individuals own circumstances, needs, emotions, and mind of reality and fantasy. several(prenominal) of the strengths the TAT has are that it can occasion qualitative information about the client. It allows clinicians to gain supplementary insights. or so of the TATs weaknesses are that it lac ks validity and reliability. Meaning its not accurate or constant. Also, the TAT can be biased against nonage groups because there are no minority groups included in the pictures of the TAT render. This means that minorities will not be able to relate or identify with the character on the card. 3) Neurological tests are tests that directly measure soul structure or activity. An example of a neurological test is the electroencephalogram or EEG which records brain waves. If the test reveals raving mad brain waves then the clinician suspects the existence of brain injuries such as seizures, tumors or other brain abnormalities. Also, neurological tests can refund pictures of the brains structure and activity. These tests are called neuroimaging techniques and include: Computerized axile tomography, (CAT scan or CT scan) position emission tomography, (PET scan) charismatic resonance imaging, (MRI) and Functional magnetic resonance imaging ( fMRI). A CT scan is a procedure in which X rays of the brains structure are ! taken at different angles. It...If you want to get a full essay, suffice it on our website:

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