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Roberto Boscio CH11, Sec 2 PG. 443 5. What ar the four physical billet technologies creation used in 802.11 wireless intercommunicateing? The four layers being used in 802.11n are: 1. DSSS Direct Sequence spue Spectrum 2. FHSS- Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum 3. Infrared 4. OFDM- Orthogonal Frequency character multiplex 7. narrow a pseudorandom sequence as it applies to FHSS. Pseudorandom fray A type of noise that deals with Pulses that go in sequence. besides its determined by imageicular key and its part of musical theater instruments. 10. What is the Maximum Data rate for the followers? a. 802.11b = 54 Mbps b. 802.11a = 11 Mbps c. 802.11g = 54 Mbps d. 802.11n = Over 200+ Mbps 11. Define MIMO as it applies to 802.11n. MIMO in 802.11n is known for being its main source. withal its known for bettering the SNR connective at the receiver. 12. What is the purpose of th e of the power-save mode in 802.11n? The power-save mode in 802.11n is known for clients and users to be able to conclude down the radios. Also it wont all toldow them to close down all of them but a certain amount. With this they are on a single radio mode machine- doorwayible at the price of admission pull down. 13. What is the purpose of an access point? The purpose of an access point allows a spacious range of data within a network that mess receive and transmit the data. Also its a home plate where you can get a partnership to particular network whether its wireless or hardwired. 16. 40. go for the internet to chance a source of omni directional and directional antennas for each of the following. a. 802.11b hypertext delight protocol:// b. 802.11a http://! irectional.antennas.php c. 802.11g...If you want to get a serious essay, order it on our website:

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