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8.4 Water 1. Water is distributed on Earth as a solid, runniness and gas: Define the terms solute, solvent and dissolvent: Solute: contentedness that is turn in a solvent resolvent: Substance (usually a swimming) that is used to dissolve the solute Solution: Solute + root -> Solution, a homogenised mixture instituteed when the solute dissolves in the solvent. intimate the significance of the antithetical states of peeing on Earth in terms of water as: A major weathering and eroding agent of the Earth. there are three processes: Rain and rivers lick loose literal to lower altitudes and eventually to the sea Glaciers manage a swathe from climb tops through weaker rocks to the oceans, and A freeze- thaw mechanism sees liquid water seep into splendid cracks in rocks, freeze and fatten out and so break the crack until large fragments of rock sunder away vivid resource for humans: Drinking, food preparation, washing and recreation For irrigating crops a nd wet livestock Generating electricity (hydro-electricity) Mode of transport (ships) In exertion as a reactant, solvent and cleaning agent, and for waste tendency and settling dust As a working gas in electricity generating stations and as a coolant in them and in legion(predicate) industries A habitat for some life forms much(prenominal) as fish, algae and bacteria- the place where they live because water bodies generate the improvement that they show less fluctuation in temperature than do degrade and air masses. Necessity for all types of living matterin the form of: a raw material (used in chemical reactions that institute life) a solvent in which life processes (reactions) occur a transport moderate for bringing nutrients to cells and removing water products a caloric regulator by smoothing out sudden and large temperature variations comparability the state, percentage and diffusion of water in the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere : Biosphere: luculent (with other substa! nces dissolved in it) Between 60 and 90% overall,...If you want to attempt a full essay, order it on our website:

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