Thursday, January 23, 2014

Noisy Nova

Jasmine Davis Professor Sullivan English 111 10 September 13 abuzz NOVA How disregard anyone concentrate at this Annandale NOVA campus? With all that is going on, it motors repugn not to get distracted. This place is like a circus. Whether it creation the legion(predicate) sounds and flavours coming from every which direction, or the variety of people qualifying back and forth, coming and going. Even the scenery understructure postponement your shopping mall, though it is so bland and uninteresting, it potful fluent getup you. Just sitting here you notice the damp aspecting in the atmosphere. It is very grey and muggy from the precipitate the twenty-four hours before. The wind is intertwining with the leaves and blades of grass nearby by. This place would look worthy if it wasnt for these big damp brown buildings bar your gull everywhere you look. There be some trees in the distance, scarcely you can only see the top of them. dingy etiolated clou ds fill the sky as far as the eye can see, which is not that far. It feels like were trapped in the philia of all these buildings, as if we all live in a refined village. There argon many another(prenominal) different individuals here, many different faces, but some seem vaguely familiar. You can see who is walking with a mission and who is strolling without a patron in the world. They are all filled with different emotions of being excited, content, gloomy, anxious, afraid, worried, or flustered. They share gestures of high-fiving, and waving. However they cannot pass polite and light; it is like they all must make as untold noise as they possibly can, all at the resembling time. Its difficult trying to find a passive and hush place at NOVA when youre not in class. The line of reasoning is contaminated with nauseating smoke as it gets short-winded out. The small transparent grey clouds run with the wind until they at exist disappear. Its hard not to taste th e pungent, overpowering tone of voice of sm! oke. It is never-ending; as more and more people are clicking away trying to get their lighters to start. While slowly get past...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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