Wednesday, February 5, 2014

College Acceptance Essay

Essay As a young multicultural aspiring(prenominal) manful I opinion I pay back more incomparable characteristics that I can contri entirelye to the FAMU. I am a very strong dedicateed individual(a) who seeks nothing however achievement in every task, obstacle, or job that I am caused with. I will flirt heaps of schooling spirit as well as a positive academic attitude with me to FAMU. I hark back my virtually unique quality is my ability to see improvement in eitherthing. I will take every experience with a scintilla of salt and to make FAMU a break-dance university for my peers and me. Im free to contribute as much as call for to the university as I see this as an luck in life to build my comeledge and set a concrete foundation for the years to come. I plan on get together many of the on campus activities and staying as involved as possible. I penury to contribute not still to the university academically but besides in a spiritual port so that I can say that college was more and then upright a education but an experience. Im in any case a multicultural person and I feel this would be great for a HBC school like FAMU permit others know that this is a diverse school that can visualise the inescapably of any young individual wanting to run crosswise college. Me being a person that feeds of off success I think that I have a lot to chance upon out to the university; I will not settle for bankruptcy and will do everything in my will to succeed on a lower floor any circumstances. I want to attend this college not only to better my self but hopefully to better those around me as well; because when others succeed I succeed. I bring positive attitude to the university, with good study habits and work ethic. Im a mature young male who doesnt have time for drugs and other illegal substances. I think I will bring an attitude that will liven others to do well and take care of business branch and leave the play for later . To be honest I am willing to not only brin! g my qualities to the university but also go more qualitys as an individual and student. I bring a new smile and face to the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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