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scholarship objective 1: pardon why food market managers should understand consumer behaviour.   Karina sells exclusive designer womans purses in a high end boutique, located in a high end mall. There is not a push-down stack of foot traffic in her store. Her clientele consists of true consumers, who identical to wonder around, and like socialized and to be attended to. To adjoin her gross gross revenue and to attract a wider pool of consumers, she has determined to dramatically lower the prices and started a high pressure gross sales tactic. She right away realizes that her loyal consumers were turned off by this strategy and halt coming to her boutique. Explain why. receipt: | | serve: | This strategy does not take into consideration the behaviour of her loyal consumers. They feel neglected.| POINTS: | -- / 1|   Learning objective 2: break up the components of the consumer finish-making process.   The consumer decision making process consist of five phases: 1) lead recognition, 2) information search, 3) evaluation of alternatives, 4) purchase, and 5) postpurchase behaviour. For each of the phases, identify how a sales somebody working(a) at an electronic store, such as futurity Shop, whitethorn help the consumer ease through the decision making process. RESPONSE: | | ANSWER: | For the first step, the sales person may petition the consumer what he or she is flavor for. In the mo phase, the sales person suggests some products that go away assure the need of what the consumer is looking form. In the evaluation of alternatives, the sales person has to identify the decision criteria that are important for the consumer (price, warranty, easy of use, etc.). In the forth phase, it will be important that the purchasing exertion at the change goes rapidly, with no error. Lastly, after the purchase, the salesperson flock follow up with a phone call.| POINTS: | -- / 1|   Learning objective 3: Explain the consumers postpurchase evaluation process. !   Explain how the price can influence the...If you want to get a full essay, suppose it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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