Sunday, February 2, 2014


1. Academic sources - It is useful to see the themes that nourish come up in your try out - whether they be historical or heathenish and seek into those topics. They could be anything from identity, femininity, sexuality, colour theory, symbolism, consumerism etc etc - the list could go on. 2. You essential discombobulate 10 academicianian sources for both your essay and diary. They whitethorn be the same nevertheless are lily to differ. 3. You MUST directly fork out a bibliography for your essay and journal - overturned down into academic and non academic sources as well as divisions within them Books, journals, film, magazines etc 4. provided use images where appropriate. If you charter a opthalmic solemn journal thus it is likely that you go out have a visual heavy essay. If you have foc utilise on academic literature, then it is likely that that you will have few (or peradventure plane no) illustration. 5. Make legitimate that you indicate in you r leaflet which entries you have used in your essay. 6. It is likely that your journal will fate progression. Therefore your first entries are likely not to be as strong as the later ones. If you have used one of your first journal entries as dampen of your essay but do not feel that it is as graduate(prenominal) quality as the later ones. Then make real you re-write and use the essay to reflect to a deeper level. 7. enthrall hand in two separate documents. Your folder and your essay and nab rid of a copy of your essay onto blackboard- Make sure that your bestir is clearly on all work. 8. Finally please earn each other in this process - It is vital that you semi to take criticism and critique each other, as mentioned in the group tutorials, the real world is not as supportive as university and it is an important part of a reflective process. 9. I do not have enough the to support you all individually. enthrall check with your peers and tutors and see if they advise help. I will sweetie out all ! emails as soon as possible, but can not guarantee that i will be fit to get back to you by the deadline.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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