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Organic Foods & Global Sustainability

Running Head : ORGANIC FARMING radical body politic : A ancestor to Toxic brag Management[full name][college /university][professor /instructor][subject]Organic Foods : A resolution to Toxic Waste ManagementThesis statementBillions of pounds of toxic chemicals in use in the United States would non be necessary if American farmers converted to perfect and sustainable growing methodsArgumentsThe National Organic Standards Board (NOSB (1995 , a government-appointed instrument panel defined natural culture as an ecological outturn management establishment that promotes and enhances biodiversity , biological cycles , and dishonor biological action at law . The primary finish of primitive agriculture is to optimize the wellness and productivity of mutually beneficial communities of soil life , plants animals , and peopleOr ganic nutriments are pesticides forgive and all naturalOrganic food is a good deal the choice of gourmet chefs forthwith for they are often the freshest , most flavorful foods in the merchandiseplaceOver 5 to 6 one thousand thousand pounds of insecticides , herbicides , fungicides rodenticides , and other biocides are added to the world s environment each socio-economic class contaminating groundwater frame , surface water and soil , ahead(p) to detectable residues in drinking water and food sourcesOrganic agribusiness protects the health and fertility of the soilOrganic husbandry protects the purity of the water supplyHerbicides and pesticides such(prenominal) as chlordane , DDT , atrazine , metolachlor are classified as practical human carcinogens and may increase incidence of allergies , bronchial bronchial asthma nad other health problemsCenter for Marine Conservation overly advocates organic tillage for the reason of protecting the fish habitatOrganic farming promotes biodiversity and preservation of en! dangered species and helps create harmonious ecosystemsThe growing mart for organic has given many small and family farms a lifeline that they would not otherwise haveStatistics now report that more than half(a) of the U .S . creation wants to eat only organic agriculture , or else of food produced from today s biotech world , according to a 1997 survey conducted by the genetic engineering corporation NovartisCounter bloodsOrganic farming cannot fill-in global sustainability since it is not capable of feeding the population of the orbiter earth by being scaled up on an industrial model because any radically natural system of production will need a system of dispersal appropriate to itThreat to food processor and pesticide businesses which contribute stocks to thrift with exportationThe first argument is the most effective argument because it gives the everyday view of all the other more specific arguments , of what organic farming is promoting that is supported by a o ccurrence and it overrides or outweighs the counterarguments . Counterarguments are rational but are overridden by the several(prenominal) arguments givenReferenceReynolds ,(2000 . Social Sustainability : Organic Food at the joint . foreboding(a) Harvest . Retrieved February 12 , 2008 , from http /www .agroeco .org /fatalharvest articles /organic_food_at 20_crossroads .htmNational Organic Standards Board (1995 . What does organic mean ? CF Fresh . Retrieved February 12 , 2008 , from http /www .cffresh .com /organic /definition .htmlOrganic Farming varlet \ MERGEFORMAT 2...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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