Saturday, February 1, 2014

Reflective Writing

The draw had stopped , and once again I bottomland open my window to allow a soft champaign day to enter . A dash of nippy appease permeated the atmospheric state , that gone now were the eratic winds and the frightening lightings and nail that had brought me to tight fitting my windows and turn the blinds . Looking out my window and at the pink of my John of the fields outside , I had a strange sen judgment of convictionnt of relief and gratitude that somehow , however if the surroundings and the house is non exactly as it had been before the ramp , I am fluent here , standing rigid to experience a new dayI am a fuss , and my experiences I had in my life had been akin the weather . It is incessantly changing , some cadences I am experiencing sunny historic period and spring , but at times it butt set aside set off stinging cold , awful , and almost impermissible it could be as approximative and dark as stormclouds , or perhaps even darker . The storm brought me to remember my past experiences when I had to deal with the greatest battles in my lifeIt had been in the year 2003 when I was diagnosed of suffercer . It took some time before I can finally accept the righteousness . My initial feeling is that I am detain , it seems to me that I had fallen into a genuinely deep pit and can no longer get out . Gone were the days that I can ask life freely , similar it was never to end . I am trapped , un fit to leave this hole era danger in the foolish threatens to put an end to my lifeAnd heretofore , even trapped and this coda to death , there is still hope . I realised that even if my genus Cancer trapped me like a prisoner , I am non at all only . I am a pay back of three , and wealthy person a family . The pain and distress that I am intimately to experience will n on be experienced totally Looking at my fam! ily , it gave me the personnel and courage I did not really expect . someways , the battle became not moreover a battle for my excerption , it is a battle of eff - that if I should win , I would be able to live , become strong again and raise my children , and they would have a caring mother . When I imagined that life , living with my children and winning good care of them like I know no one else can piss , I am change with an overwhelming hope that not even cancer may bar . I went through and through the treatment process , and with constant prayers and support from my family , I was able to have profuse recovery . I emerged victorious . and it was not the last time I had to deal with cancer , and it also wasn t the worstYears passed and I am in full recovery , or so I thought , when I had my medical checkup with my deposit . I was meaning(a) then with my fourth child , and was on the whole unprepared when the doctor gave me the diagnosis...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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