Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Polar Bears

The documentary An awkward Truth was inspired by doer V icing the puck President Al Gore. He explains how world(prenominal) warm is a crucial factor to our planet. This documentary was do to sum awareness to people around the world and how do is needed. 35 inconsistencies hold back been claimed to be found in this documentary. A strife error #8 is frozen tire outs expiry. In An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore states that a scientific depicted object showed that diametrical devotes are dying. He says that ice is melting off in the arctic were pivotal bears live due to international warming. He claims that cold bears have actually drowned due to the ice melting. His scientific proof tell that they are swimming extremely long distances, about 60 miles, before reaching other sea ice surface. variety #8 is not an error. It is real well true that polar bears are dying. The National geographical News supports that the people of polar bears is decreasing due to gl obose warming. The worldwide polar bear population is between 20,000 and 25,000.(Roach 2006) The north-polar Bear International ecesis [PBIO] states that as of May 2008 the join States listed polar bears as a  nemesisened species under the  exist Species Act.  In Canada, polar bears are listed as a Species of Special Concern. Russia in like manner considers the polar bear a species of concern. (PBIO 2011) Today, scientists have concluded that the threat to polar bears is ecological adjustment in the frosty from  spherical warming. diametral bears depend on sea ice for endureing, breeding, change of location and denning. (Roach 2006) They depend heavily on sea ice for their survival. They hunt their primary prey such as the ringed sea from the ice. If the melting trend continues, the Arctic could follow through ice-free summers by 2040. Many studies have been do by the Polar Bear International Organization to see what impact global warming has on the polar be ar population. One assume verified that Can! adas Western Hudson Bay population had declined 22% since the...If you hope to get a full essay, devote it on our website:

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