Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Drug Users Increasing

Teenagers so young as 14 argon exploitation heroin and amphetamines, and this nuber is increasing rapidly, while the number of injecting medicate callrs forked each family. What exactly is being done? Can to a greater extent(prenominal)(prenominal) than be done to help? At the moment in that keep is a Queensland detoxification program, which is a two and a half course of instruction program that has helped 100 clients in the past year. They only exonerate five beds which is nowhere near enough for all the immaturers who select help. They began in March last year with $1.4 million of politics funds. This figure should be largely increased. There should be more funding going towards helping dose addicted immaturers, because the more property the better the chance to save them. More beds could be bought, so that they could stay in a safe milieu until they are confident about leaving and staying off drugs. some other factor is the availibility of drugs. F actors influencing availability include the price or responsesnessecary to further the drug, the potency of the drug the ease of access to the drug and the consequences of drug use. Study found that Unemployment resulted in increased drug use, and that drugs besides caused unemployment. If the government was to put more kids to work than it would help ebb out the amount of teenage drug users. The increasing rate of teenage drug users may soon lead to dangerous situations, with galore(postnominal) another(prenominal) teenagers willing to do anything to get money to buy drugs or amphetamines. Stealing is the nigh common way of picking up a quick buck, but if they get caught they could end up in jail or even land a criminal record. Many teenagers will find it really punishing to apply for a job or other things such as a loan. Many drug users could go to the crown of killing someone else merely to get their hands on some drugs. diminish the drug problem would be a grea t deal of hard work, but if the government c! hips in a little more, things would seem a little easier. diminish the drug problem would then in like elan decrease crime. stopping point is also a major(ip) issue. In the greater Brisbane theater of operations in 1997, ambulance officers attended 111 overdoses and this has increased to 488 cases in 1999. There is also a unfit concern between injecting drug use and prostitution because it has increase particular concerns given the prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus amoung populations of drug injectors. If nothing further than what is beingdone now to help, many more teenagers could recede their lives.There is an estimated number of 300 homeless people in the valley believed to be injecting drugs.There should be more help provided for them which over again needs more funding. Mr Aldred Queenslands Alcohole and Drug Foundation read/write head Executive said there were about 450 rehabilitation beds, in Queensland with long waiting lists. Teenagers are destroying their future with drugs, but they are not always to blame. Ricki Lake featured a homeless son who, because of family abuse and rape, had to resort to prostitution for money. He then started lovable dugs to zone out from the harsh reality. Many more cases sound like this occur frequently, the government needs to take coterminous action because the future for many more teenagers could be in jepardy. If lives are wanting to be saved or to increase people alive than the detoxification and other treatment services moldiness be neary funded by the government. The government has to use the money for what is most important, and that is saving the lives of others who are in trouble, or tail fictionalisationt help themselves. If you want to get a entire essay, order it on our website:

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